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Dear Adam,


There are a bajillion reasons why I respect you, the biggest being your strong, unwavering, unashamed, and growing faith in Christ.  You are the only “celebrity” that I know of who has been so successful in such a secular society yet has never compromised your faith or values.  Time and time again, I find myself deeply saddened and disappointed by people in the spotlight who declare themselves as believers but eventually fall away down the road.  It’s so rare to have someone to look up to who is unafraid to show their faith in all areas of life (including work), and who not only does so well but also remains humble, desiring to glorify God in times of both success and failure.  

I know that you’re human too and that everybody falls short at times, but I just wanted to say that the example you have set truly inspires me and makes me want to be like that too.



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